Our team goes through your plan and product details focusing on some special aspects given below and then decide accordingly

Innovation With Intelectual Property

Online Retail

Consumer Has Primary Focus

Technology & Manufacturing


What We Look At

Since we receive many plans, please be as concise as possible in your pitch deck. Please have a look at our investment criteria and send your business plan (max 2-3 pages text or 12 slides) to including the following topics:

  • Problem 
  • Solution
  • Market Size
  • Competition
  • Product
  • Technology
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Business Model 
  • Team
  • Traction
  • Investors
  • Funding
  • Financials (actuals and forecast)
  • Why?

Q-Trade Group

We invest capital and hands-on support in scalable innovation drive technology companies to accelerate their growth



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